St. patrick’s day ministering idea

When we read or study about Christ’s Atonement, we should be reminded of our worth. Our Savior loves us so much that he came to earth to die for us. He has felt our pains and our sufferings, and through the enabling power of Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice our weaknesses can be made strong, and our trials can be made light.

I believe that we can always be reminded of our divine worth. We also have the wonderful opportunity to remind our friends and family of this as we minister to them. Since March is tomorrow, and St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, I wanted to share a fun treat idea and printable that you could use to share with those you minister to.

When I think of St. Patrick’s Day I immediately think of leprechauns and gold. So, why not share a pot of gold with your friends and a simple reminder to let them know they are more precious than gold.

St. Patrick's Day Ministering Treat Idea

More precious than gold

For your treat you will need some gold candy, a container to place the candy in, and my tags (link below). I chose to use a small wide-mouth jar, but a clear bag or box would work perfectly. Since I chose to use a jar, I created a jar topper to go with it, and have included it with the downloads.

I have created 3 small tags to attach to your candy. The first tag includes the phrase, “You are more precious than gold!”. The second tag includes a scripture from the 2017 Visiting Teaching message and the third tag is the Consider This question from the same 2017 Visiting Teaching message.

All you have to do is print, cut, and then attach your tags to your jar or item of your choice. I had some green and white twine that I used to attach my tags, but you could use any type of green or gold ribbon.

Click HERE to print my st. patrick’s day tags

I hope you enjoy my St. Patrick’s Day idea and are able to use it to serve someone you know and to help them remember that they are loved and are more precious than gold.

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