Each 15-20 minute class is pre-recorded so that you can watch when it is convenient for you. Our teachers will be sharing thoughts and ideas to help you seek Christ individually, in your marriage, as a family, and as you serve. You will leave with actionable ideas and tangible tools to support you as you apply what you learned during Seek Connected.

Allie Barnes

Looks Like Wandering
Creating Daily Joy with
the Help of Our Heavenly Father

Joy doesn’t always come in a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all package—and that’s where personal revelation comes in. In this class, I share about my journey back from a deep depression and suicidal ideation. I share how I worked with Heavenly Father to find the unique, personalized solution for me, and how that has looked at different points in my life. I hope you leave this class feeling inspired to become more intentional about creating daily joy—and doing that with the help of your Heavenly Father.

Meet Allie: Allie Barnes is a writer, speaker, and mentor. She recently published her first book, Not According to Plan, where she shares her journey through depression, betrayal trauma recovery, developing resilience, and finding joy. Allie has an undergraduate degree in Family Studies and is finishing up a graduate degree in Leadership. She plans to release her second book in 2022.

Amy McKinlay

Mckinlay design
Bringing Light to Others Through Your Unique Creativity & Talents

“We were created with the express purpose and potential of experiencing a fullness of joy. Our birthright—and the purpose of our great voyage on this earth—is to seek and experience eternal happiness. One of the ways we find this is by creating things.” – President Uchtdorf
Join Amy as she discusses the numerous ways each of us can bring light to others as we discover our individual and unique talents throughout life.  She will also discuss how being creative can change our personal lives, our relationships, how we can find joy in our own talents, and leave our unique, creative mark in the world. 

Meet Amy: Hi! I’m Amy, I am a graphic designer, LDS blogger, artist and I love to teach art & craft classes for girls.  I have been married for 18 years to my best friend and have 4 children ages 8-16. I live where I think is paradise, St. George UT, and have found the love of playing pickleball!  When Covid hit and slowed down my graphic design business, I found my real passion of painting again that I had put aside for so many years.  I was so excited for my paintings to get accepted into Deseret Book Downtown this summer. I am truly grateful for trials that bring hidden blessings. I am passionate to help women realize they are all daughters of God with Divine Gifts & Talents that can bring light into the world in numerous ways! 

Ramona Morris

Sassy Day Saint
Finding Your Individual Worth As a Woman in the Gospel

Think of the relationship you have with Heavenly Father. Is it tied to your role as a mother, wife or even priesthood support? How do you find your worth as a woman in the gospel separately away from the roles which are expected of you? Let’s discover together.

Meet Ramona: Hailing from the 2-4-6 (Barbados) Ramona has been writing for as long as she can remember. If there’s a sassy moment that exists, she is sure to find it. Not only does she live the gospel in her own unique way but she also lives each day with sassy enthusiasm which helps her embrace every moment on her unpredictable journey.

Kara Murri

Today I Am Enough
Importance of Small & Simple Things

After breaking my pinky, I realized how important that little finger really is, and how not being able to use it impacted every part of my life. Just like the importance of a small pinky finger, focusing on the small and simple things in our lives impacts all areas of our lives. We have to create the time in our busy day to do the small + simple things and great things will come.

Meet Kara: Kara Murri has been married for 16 years to her incredible husband, Dale. They have 6 kids who are 7 years apart (and they don’t have any twins). Kara recently started taking guitar lessons (a lifelong dream), and is learning Spanish. She is passionate about helping women know that they are enough in all aspects of their lives. Always remember, the Savior always fills in the gaps you can’t reach.

Shauna Snell

Refill My Soul
Be Still...and Refill

Why meditate? Even Christ sought moments of solitude during His mortal ministry. This class will focus on how using meditation can strengthen your relationship with God and Jesus Christ. You will learn how creating stillness can bring you increased peace, promptings, and a renewed perspective to your busy life. You will leave with a greater understanding of the importance of daily meditation, as well as a free trial subscription to Refill My Soul to begin your meditation journey…

Meet Shauna: Shauna is the creator of Refill My Soul, a meditation app for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother who is passionate about stillness and filling our minds with truth to create a life that is full of purpose, peace and possibilities.

Joey Mascio

Firmly Founded Coaching
Nurture Your Birdil Plant,
Grow Your Marriage
Often what is stopping us from being the spouse we want to be is waiting for THEM to be the spouse we want them to be. An introduction to the Birdil plant and a simple perspective shift will help you instantly strengthen your marriage by spending more time gardening on your side of the fence.
Meet Joey: Joey is a certified Life Coach with his Masters in Education and a background in performance and comedy. He’s been coaching people for two decades on life and relationships, including his own parents who have been married and divorced twice. To each other (they are happily re-re-married for the moment, but ask again tomorrow).

Lindsay Poelman

Lindsay Poelman Coaching
Stop the Self-Shame Game

Stopping the self-shame game around the things your spouse (or another loved one) does. Whether it’s porn, him embarrassing you in front of his family, how he behaves at church or with friends, who or what he texts, I’ve got you covered.

Meet Lindsay: Certified Life Coach and former Certified Public Accountant, Lindsay Poelman, felt called to help people develop their own minds rather than their tax returns. After going through the journey of supporting her husband through non-functional anxiety, depression, porn use, and childhood trauma that manifested in adult years; Lindsay has made it her mission to help other women. She loves teaching women to not only how to survive in marriage, but thrive. Her past experience put her in the unique position to discover where she truly had control and led her to magnify those beliefs into other areas of her life—all while feeling more connected to her spouse than ever before.

Alexis Twitchell

Children Rooted in Christ
Eliciting Christ in Marriage

In this class, I will teach from my own personal experiences as well as my professional education in Marriage & Family Relations to help Seek Connected attendees realize that turning to Christ is the sure way to make marriages not only work, but thrive. As we turn ourselves to Him in every seemingly broken aspect of our relationship, we elicit, or literally “draw forth”,  His power to help heal deep wounds, convey mercy, and see our spouse – and even our children for that matter – with a perspective that only Christ can provide.

Meet Alexis: Hey there, I am Alexis Twitchell! I am a mother of two handsome little boys, ages 3 and 5 months, and a sweet baby in Heaven. My husband and I have been married for 6 years now and we live in Logan, Utah – although originally, I am from the Boise, Idaho area. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marriage and Family Relations and find great joy in helping others strengthen their family relationships through Christ and His gospel.

Jodi Nicholes

God's Notes of Love
What legacy do I come from?
What Legacy will I leave?

In this class families will learn how to strengthen their relationships to each other and Christ as they better understand who they are, connecting Roots to branches.

Meet Karen: Jodi is an award-winning vocalist, author, and speaker. Jodi has dedicated the past twenty-six years and over twelve thousand hours to learning, researching, implementing, and teaching thousands how to cultivate their divine nature and discover eternal truths in the seemly ordinary moments of each day.

Amber Robbins

Amber Robbins Stands
Helping Your Children Develop
Resilient Faith

Learn specific ways to help your children and teens build a foundation of faith on Jesus Christ. Build a stronger family unit and inspire future generations by fanning the flames of their faith and establishing fortifying habits.

Meet Amber: An accidental resilience researcher and cheerleader to all, Amber Robbins has a passion for strengthening families and teens.  A current graduate student in school counseling and mother of 4, she has spent years researching the best ways to assist teens and families with the unique challenges they face today. She also started Bell Mail Biz, a happy mail gift box company, and created the Teen Take 30 daily resilience practice.
Amber is currently focused on sharing Latter-day tools & resources for families and teens that are focused on hope and founded in truth and she shares them on her new podcast Latter-day Families Stand.  She believes there are many inspired resources available today to assist families in healing, connection, resilience, and fanning the flames of their faith. She can’t wait to share them with you!

Kristen Walker Smith

Ruby Girl
Is It Me Or The Spirit?
Do your kids struggle to recognize the Spirit in their lives? Do they know how to seek for and recognize revelation? This class will give you the tools to teach your kids exactly what the Spirit feels like, the most effective way to ask for revelation, and a simple guide to recognize revelation.
Meet Kristen: Kristen Walker Smith is the host of the One Minute Scripture Study podcast and director of the LDS nonprofit Ruby Girl. She is also a former seminary teacher, an EFY teacher, and a BYU Education Week speaker. She loves to spend time in the outdoors with her husband and three kids. Whenever she has free time you can find her rock climbing, listening to Elder Holland talks, or eating peanut butter . . . sometimes all at the same time.

Emily Carolynn Baker

Emily Carolynn Baker Coaching
The Power of Everyday Leaders: Learning to Love and Serve as Christ Did

Christ was the ultimate example of an Everyday Leader, someone whose power and influence as a leader stems from an unshakable knowing of their divine nature and purpose. As we study His life we too can become rooted in our own divine heritage and fulfill our unique purposes in helping to build Zion without feeling overwhelmed, under-qualified, or overworked.

Meet Emily:  Hey! I’m Emily. Mother to two adorable little boys, wife to my high school sweetheart and best friend, lover of all things comfy, chocolate, reading, and nutritious delicious food. I have always had a passion for understanding people and how to better help them in their lives. Whether it was studying as a dual major in Biology & Psychology, getting my formal training as a Life Coach & Professional Organizer, or being a student of MIT’s The Presencing Institute’s Theory U and its applications for leadership in the emerging future. Today, it is my absolute joy and honor to work as a Trained Life Coach specializing in helping women navigate leadership and spiritual journeys working in holistic ways approaching the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. I also share my perspectives as a leadership and spiritual journey coach around topics specifically related to the church via the Instagram account Sisters Leading Zion.

Jennie Moss

The Latter-Day Ladies
Using Our Spiritual Gifts to Bless
Those Around Us

We are going to dive into identifying our spiritual gifts and finding ways to use them as blessings to those around us. We all are given specific talents directly from our Heavenly Parents, and figuring out what they are is critical. We can then utilize them to help those within our circle of influence, and make the world a happier place.

Meet Jennie: Jennie is a wife to her very best friend and mother of four babies. She spends her days busy with kids and drinking sparkling water. Her evenings are filled with being the writer and podcast host for the Latter-Day Ladies podcast. She loves connecting with women seeking to live a gospel centered life in this latter day world.

Darla Trendler

Spiritually Minded Women
Being an Extension of Christ's Love

Sister Joy D. Jones has shared how one of our “preeminent” roles is to be an extension of the Savior’s love. In this class you’ll learn ways you can fulfill this role in your life. We will discuss the commandment to love others as well as how you can learn to love by using the Savior’s example, holding up His light, praying, listening to the Holy Ghost, and acting on promptings to fulfill this most important role in your life.

Meet Darla: Darla Trendler is the host of the Spiritually Minded Women podcast where her goal is to help women followers of Christ embrace their personal and unique spiritual journey. Darla has been married to her husband, Tim, for 23 years. With two girls and two boys ages 21-13, Darla’s current stage of motherhood involves watching her children leave home, loving teenagers, and being her kids’ biggest cheerleader.  She and her family love living in Arizona and you can frequently find them boating or having push-up competitions. You can find out more about Darla on her podcast, Spiritually Minded Women, on Instagram, or on her website.

Amber Viehweg

Simply a Warrior
Choose to Accept and Welcome Service

How do we accept service when we have been programmed to 1. be the one serving? Or 2. Be self sufficient? How do we humble ourselves and allow the Lord to love us through others? We always hear about the need to serve others, but when it is our turn to be served, do we accept it? Tune in to discover HOW to remove the pride that interferes with our ability to allow others to be His Hands in our lives.

Meet Amber: Hello! I am Amber an LDS speaker, teacher and writer. I have a deep desire to teach, provide hope and light to others through my testimony and life experiences. I am so thankful for my Savior and Heavenly Parents. I know building a solid relationship with Them will empower us and provide us with strength and fortitude necessary for this mortal life.