Each 15-20 minute class is pre-recorded so that you can watch when it is convenient for you. Our teachers will be sharing thoughts and ideas to help you seek Christ individually, in your marriage, as a family, and as you serve. You will leave with actionable ideas and tangible tools to support you as you apply what you learned during Seek Connected.

Cali Black

Come, Follow Me Study
How Do I Really Study the Scriptures?
We talk about doing more than just reading, but what does that actually look like? Scriptures can teach us about our Savior, give us access to personal revelation, and also be fun and interesting, no matter how long you have! Whether you’ve got 30 minutes and a notebook, or you are scrolling through Gospel Library while making lunches, I’ll give you 5 practical but powerful ways to transform your scripture study.
Meet Cali: Hi! I’m Cali Black. I’m a teacher, singer, speaker, and cookie-loving scripture study enthusiast. I love sharing my testimony about the scriptures every day at @comefollowmestudy on Instagram! I am the mom to two little kids, and have worked to find ways to connect with the Word of God, no matter what my life is like. I live with my husband and kids in sunny San Tan Valley, Arizona.
How to Build a Relationship
with Christ, Even When You're Really Busy

In our busiest seasons of life, it’s easy to let our spiritual habits slide. Rachel knows this from personal experience, and in this class she will share three takeaways for busy moms who want to reestablish and strengthen their relationship with Christ in daily, doable ways.

Meet Rachel: Rachel Nielson is the host of the popular parenting podcast, 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms. Each 30-minute episode features 3 actionable takeaways for moms who want to love motherhood as much as they love their children. Rachel and her husband, Ryan, became parents through adoption and IVF. They live with their two miracle kiddos in the beautiful mountains of Idaho.

Niki Olsen

Niki Olsen Coaching
Accessing the Enabling
Power of Christ

Not only are many people living with chaos around them but within them as well. Living with chaos inside and outside of you can leave you feeling disconnected, overwhelmed and defeated. That can lead to difficulty in connecting with Christ and His power to help us through these difficult times. Come learn practical, tangible and easy tools to quiet your mind and feel the enabling power of Christ in your life. Using these tools to connect with the enabling power of Christ can help you feel confident, peaceful and valued.

Meet Niki: Niki Olsen is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Online Coach. She helps LDS women enrich their connection to themselves and God through Mind a Body Bridging. She loves to explore the mountains around her hometown of Blanding, UT with her husband and two daughters. She is mostly known for going to bed before the sun goes down and getting up before the sun rises. She is most passionate in life about motivating others to see the goodness within them, cultivating confidence and helping others fulfill their true destiny on this Earth. 

Meditation & Prayer

Come learn as Brooke shares how you can transform your prayers for more presence, connection, and revelation.

Meet Brooke: Brooke Snow is a writer, speaker, podcaster, and prolific online educator. She is the author of the book, Living in Your True Identity: Discover, Embrace, and Develop Your Own Divine Nature and a certified Optimize Coach helping people create a strong identity supported by holistic daily habits. Brooke has a gift of seeing the big picture and extracting life lessons from each experience. She is a wife, a mother of two, a survivor, and has triumphed over PTSD and anxiety. She believes all people can change and that we hold the power to create the life we want.

Melissa Buckley

I'm Learning to Thrive
Strengthening Marriage Through a Side By Side Study of Patriarchal Blessings
The clarity that comes from our patriarchal blessings can be magnified when we study them alongside our spouse’s. Come learn how to study your blessings together, compare and contrast, study your blessing to find ways to strengthen your marriage, how to study theirs to better love and support them, and how to foster more unity as you build a life together. I will also address those whose spouse’s are not active members or without blessings. Studying together can not only give you direction for today, but actions of how to proceed to your promised future in unity. 
Meet Melissa: Melissa is passionate about inspiring women to reach their divine potential as daughters of God. Currently, she is developing the world’s first in-depth patriarchal blessing study guide, which aims to lead others in their pursuit of purpose through greater knowledge and deeper understanding. Melissa knows the world is in need of powerful, righteous women and desires to help others better utilize their spiritual gifts in the call to gather Israel. She lives in Las Vegas with her hunky husband and adorable twin toddlers.
Marriage—Just a Walk in the Park…That Sometimes Feels Like Torture
In this class, I’ll get up close and personal with some of my own shortcomings and share some of my husband’s shortcomings (don’t worry he’s used to it), so I can teach you that really great marriages can have some really frustrating times–and that’s totally normal.
I’m going to walk you through a very emotional walk in the park.  Literally.  As we walked, I felt angry, sad and perhaps a little rage.  We were encountering one of those hot-button topics that never seems to end in our marriage and I was just over it.  With some self-coaching tools, recognizing my emotions and a couple nudges from the spirit, this turned out to be a beautiful thing for our marriage.  I’ll teach you how you can make your hot-button issues an avenue for connection and growth too.

Meet Rhonda: Hi friends!  I’m Rhonda.  Wife, boy mom, certified life coach, current stake young women’s president and a believer that self-improvement grows intimacy in marriage.  I teach couples how to be emotionally present and available, so they can develop the deepest connection both emotionally and physically. 

Andrea Lystrup

When the Love Languages
Aren’t Working

Many couples can tell that there is something missing in their marriage. With good intentions they read a book or take a quiz about love languages and try harder to love each other in the “correct language.” Unfortunately, this often leaves couples feeling exhausted from trying harder, but also feeling like nothing they do is ever enough. This class will help you understand where that never enough feeling is coming from and give you new tools to help you find the connection you’re craving. 

Meet Andrea: Andrea is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, wife and mother living in Tucson, AZ. She has spent thousands of hours helping couples and individuals find peace and healing in their lives. She is passionate about helping church members integrate therapy, self-help and the Gospel by writing for the LDS Ensign and giving workshops whenever possible.

Seek Retreat Family Class Header

Karen Bates

A Warrior Education
Helping Your Child Stay Connected to God In a World of Smartphones
In a world of smartphones, it is easy for our children, when they feel alone or empty, to seek a sense of connection through social media, gaming, or other connective tools. These distractions often leave them feeling worse than before because they are seeking what they lack in the wrong places. 
This class will teach you specific steps for helping your children seek connection in the right place. They can then use social media as inspired, not to seek, but to share this connection. You will come away with a smartphone action plan that includes how to know if your child is ready for a smartphone and how to guide them through using it for good.

Meet Karen: Karen is a homeschooling-mother of 8, owner of A Warrior Education, LLC, author of Find Your Path: Learn Your Part in the Fight for Good and writer at awarrioreducation.com. She has a degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development and loves using her knowledge and experience to help other mothers raise intrinsically-motivated children who choose to use their gifts to bless the world. 

Camille Gillham

Chicken Scratch N Sniff
Becoming Your Own
Gospel Fun Coordinator

Helping our children build strong foundations that withstand the storms of life has never been so important. How can you help your children stand steadfast when all they do is moan and groan at the sound of something “churchy”? Skip the monotony of the everyday motions and learn how to become your own Gospel Fun Coordinator! You can totally be that fun mom with children who know how to walk in the light. Learn how you can simply and quickly create fun family moments that also teach a gospel message. Build a stronger family through fun.

Meet Camille: Hi! I’m Camille, your Gospel Fun Coordinator. As a Recreational Management major, my passion is combining testimony building with fun. When you are having fun together, the normal guards people put up come down allowing for some great gospel conversations and family memories. I’m a Mom of five fabulous kiddos and regularly share how to add some Gospel Fun into your daily lives at Cknscratch.com.

Kendra Huffman

Bravest Love
Kendra Huffman Seek Connected Teacher
Lead, Guide, and Walk Beside Your Teenager: Helping Them Find the Way In Today’s World
We all know these lyrics and have sung them many times, but I found these 3 things were the answer to parenting my teenagers. Many teenagers are struggling today and many of us parents are struggling to know how to help them. I’m going to teach you how to lead, guide, and walk beside your teenager so that you can feel more confident and peaceful in helping them live in today’s world.
Meet Kendra: Hi, I’m Kendra! I have 4 awesome kids and two of them are teenagers. I love anything glitter and a little obsessed with self-development. I have my dream job of helping coach teenagers who don’t feel enough. They hate hearing progress over perfection, but end up realizing it’s true.

Crissy Butts

1 Happy Trie
Navigate Your Family jet, Mitigate Turbulence with TeamBuilding
Discover the mindset training to lead your family with a keener awareness of the hazards that threaten your “Family Jet” and how to mitigate turbulence. Learn the 4 MOST Important Hours to keep family members from wanting to eject out, vomit from turbulence or hide in the bathroom. Capture the How To Outline for a super fun weekly Family Team-Building program to help everyone Laugh more, Talk more, Play more and Love more.

Meet Crissy: My name is Crissy Butts I am a Happiness Coach and Family Team-Building Educator. I love to generously share tools and resources with busy moms and dads to improve their mental resiliency so they can shine bright as parents and create more fun in the homesuicide, my work is heart centered and motivated by them.

Nicci Bontrager

Joyful Family Life
Service Shapes a Joyful Heart

Service brings joy. That joy comes from being His hands and showing love to others. I would help the attendees learn how discouragement, sorrow, anger, and fear can be overcome by serving others, because service leads to joy. Service allows your heart to feel His peace.

Meet Nicci: Nicci Bontrager is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a seeker of joy. She believes that a good laugh and a plate of cookies can cure almost anything. Nicci hopes to inspire others to find joy and fulfillment in their everyday lives. She currently lives in Texas, where she owns her counseling practice. Nicci has been married to her sweetheart for over a decade, and they have five children.

Aleisha McDaniel

She Calls Me Mama Leisha
Season's Readings Service Project

Aleisha is the proud owner of a non-profit organization, “Season’s Readings,” which delivers new books to children in need at Christmastime. Join Aleisha as she shares about “Season’s Readings” and what you can do to help.

Meet Aleisha: “Mama Leisha” is a lover of cookies, a wearer of lipstick, an avid reader, and a Diet Coke drinker! She is a champion of motherhood and a believer in strengthening and supporting women. She is a mother of three, a wife, a blogger, a speaker, an advocate of autism awareness, and an award-winning writer. She has written for Time Out For Women, AmericanMothers.org, and Deseret Book among others.