Digital Seek Workbook


***This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical workbook.

The Seek Workbook was created to help you in your journey of seeking Christ.

The Seek Workbook focuses on seeking Christ in four areas: individually, in your marriage, in your family, and as you serve. Evaluation Sheets, Goal Sheets, and Study Sheets are included to help you evaluate yourself in these four areas, create goals to help you grow and come closer to Jesus Christ, and assist you as you study articles, talks, and other uplifting literature. As you work through the pages in your workbook you will strengthen your relationship with Christ and deepen your testimony of Him.

The digital version includes two files:
•Digital Workbook that includes 23 unnumbered pages identical to the physical workbook. We did not include page numbers on the digital version so you could print as many pages as you’d like without worrying about page numbers.
•Digital Workbook that includes 80 numbered pages. This file is exactly like the physical workbook which includes 13 self-evaluation sheets, 24 goal sheets, and 25 study sheets. This also includes the welcome page, table of contents, section cover pages, and instruction sheets for each section.

The digital version allows you to print as many pages/copies as you would like for personal or church use. This option is great for those who would like to work on this as a group or share this workbook with others (Church Groups, Family, Friends, etc).

Please do not share the file with others. If you would like to share this with someone please direct them to my shop or print the workbook for them.


  • 23 pages
  • Welcome Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Cover Page for each section that includes a scripture and image of Christ
  • Instruction Page for each section
  • Self-Evaluation Sheets
  • Goal Sheets
  • Study Sheets
  • Beautiful Images of Christ from A Moment With Christ

This workbook was created for women who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Women from any faith are welcome to use this workbook as a way to come closer to Jesus Christ. There may be a few (2-4) statements that are geared more toward Latter-day Saints in the evaluation sheet, but I believe the rest of the workbook would work for anyone of any faith.