Polishing Your Toes-timony

Back in 2013 I shared a Relief Society activity that compared pedicures to a testimony. It was such a fun activity. Our YW presidency was recently brainstorming ideas for our girls and this fun activity came to mind. I decided to modify it a bit (especially during social distancing) and create a new tag. I am so excited to share this idea and printable with you and hope that you will use it for your ward.

Polish Your Toestimony Young Women Activity Idea and Printable

Since we are still not having weekly activities we are going to create little pedicure kits and deliver them to our Young Women. Our kits will included cotton rounds, nail polish, a nail file, lotion, and a cute handout that includes the steps to a pedicure (below). You could also include nail polish remover, foot soak, pumice stone, and/or nail clippers.

Polish Your Toes-timony

Once we have delivered our pedicure kits, we will set a date to meet together virtually to discuss the steps of a pedicure. In addition to the steps of a pedicure we created a spiritual analogy for each step that we will discuss with the girls.

Want to get the girls involved? Assign the girls a step and have them come up with a short little message for that step. Have them think how we can apply that step to our lives in a spiritual way.

Polish Your Toes-timony Handout

The girls can follow along on the cute handout that we will attach to their pedicure kits. The steps that we included are: Remove nail polish (Repentance: remove sins and habits), Soak Feet (Submerge yourself in the gospel), Clip & File Nails (Cut out distractions in your life), Exfoliate and Remove Calluses (Smooth out your life by study and praying each day), Lotion & Massage (Nourish your testimony every day), Polish (Polish your testimony).

I am so excited to share our pedicure kits with our girls and to meet together virtually to discuss our testimonies and what we can do to “polish” them. With summer right around the corner it is the perfect time to get those toes painted and ready for sandal weather.

This would also make a great mother-daughter activity when we are able to have weekly activities again.

Polish TOes-timony Handout

You can print the Polish Your Toes-timony Handout below.

Click HERE to Print!

I hope you enjoy my Polish Your Toes-timony activity idea and printable and use it as a fun activity for your Young Women. I would love to see pictures, so be sure to tag me on Instagram.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day.

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2 thoughts on “Polishing Your Toes-timony”

  1. I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing. It is such a great idea for the girls to do while in quarantine. I thought maybe it would be a fun mother daughter date and then we could google meet to show each other our nails. I did something similar at the beginning of the year that a friend told me about. Happy girls are the prettiest girls…true beauty tips: For sparkling eyes (eye shadow): look for the good in others, for lovely hands (lotion): use them often to serve others, For beautiful lips (we made a pixie stick lip gloss): say only good things about others, for poise and grace (sit up tall and confident): walk in the knowledge that YOU are a daughter of God (I had each of them look in a mirror and repeat “I am a beautiful daughter of God.” They all smiled even though it was awkward and I actually felt Heavenly Father’s love for each of them strongly. It was so fun. I think your idea is just perfect and it will give mothers (if they do it with them) the chance to talk about the gospel and what a testimony is. I think it will really open the door for communicating religious questions in the home like we have been asked to do. I have found a lot of parents in my ward don’t understand what they need to do to help their child with the new youth program. This will be a great start. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Lisa! I loved your activity idea that you did with your YW. And I couldn’t agree more about involving the mothers and how it could invite some really great gospel discussion. Thank you again for commenting and sharing your ideas. 🙂

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