General Conference Gems: A General conference Family Review Game

Need a fun activity to review the April 2020 General Conference addresses with your family? This fun “treasure hunt” General Conference Review Game will teach your family that as you listen to the words of the Prophet and Apostles, you will be blessed with Spiritual Treasures. Enjoy!

General Conference Gems. A General Conference Study Activity

Show your family a picture of President Nelson. Point to the picture of the prophet and explain that President Nelson is the President of the Church and we should follow what he asks us to do. You could then ask: “Who does the prophet follow?” Show a picture of Jesus Christ to the children, and explain that the prophet works under His direction.

Treasures from our Prophet: General Conference Quote Gems

Show your family a treasure chest (you can make one out of a box). Ask your family what happened a few weeks ago. If they need some help, show them a few pictures as hints (pictures of temple square, conference center, etc). Explain that a few weeks ago people all over the world listened to the prophet and other leaders of the church at General Conference. So, what does General Conference and treasure have in common?

Invite a family member to open up the treasure chest. When the treasure chest is opened they will find that it is empty. We are blessed to have the opportunity to hear from our prophet. The words of the prophet are like a ‘treasure’, but if we don’t listen to his words and follow what our prophet says, then that treasure is lost!

The words we hear from our Prophet at General Conference are very important and we should do our best to listen to what our Prophet says. When we listen to President Nelson it’s like finding a hidden treasure! Explain to your family that you are all going to dig for buried treasure…Conference Quote Gems, and talk about just a few of the wonderful “Treasures” that our prophet has left for us.

How To Play:

Beforehand, prayerfully read through the talks from the last General Conference, and select 4-6 quotes that you feel your family would benefit from. Print out my Conference Quote Gems (printable below) and cut out each gem. Type up the quotes that you have selected onto a piece of paper and number each quote. If you have room, you can also write each quote onto the back of each gem. 

General Conference Quote Gems

Fill-up a large storage bin or box with packaging peanuts, shredded paper, or rice (I think shredded paper would work great). Once the bin is filled, “bury” your gems inside. If you don’t want to mess with “digging” then simply hide the gems around your home.

Have a family member dig or hunt for a General Conference Quote Gem. When they have found a gem, have them read the quote aloud or have them tell you what number is on the gem, and then read the matching quote from your paper. After the quote has been read, discuss the quote. You could ask the children what the prophet is asking us to do, what blessings we are promised, what warnings, etc. After your family has read and discussed the quote tape the “treasure” around a picture of President Nelson. Once all the treasure has been found and all the quotes have been read, go over a few and encourage your family to follow the Prophet.  Remind everyone that when we hear the words of the Prophet they are like Spiritual Treasures.

Another Way To Play

In addition to “digging” for buried treasure, you could also have it a matching game. After you have selected your quotes from the April 2018 General Conference talks, find a picture, item, or word that represents each quote. After a quote has been read, have your family guess which picture or word it matches and have them place the gem beside the picture/item. Once all the gems have been found, go over each gem and decide what things your family could do to follow the prophet.

And how cute would it be to place all of your gems inside a jar or container to keep over the next six months! You could pick out a gem each week and read it to remind your family of the wonderful messages.


Click below to print my General Conference Quote Gems!

I hope you enjoy my General Conference Gems activity and plan to use it to study the April 2020 General Conference talks with your family. I would love to hear if you do, so leave a comment letting me know, or snap a picture of you preparing and tag me on Instagram!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

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