Emoji Treat Tags and Pinatas

A few weeks ago my kiddos and I decided to spread a little happiness by delivering these fun emoji pinatas filled with treats. We did this shortly after school was canceled and we were encouraged to self-isolate.

That first week I found myself mindlessly scrolling social media and news websites way more often than I would have liked to. Our schedules were completely open for the first time in forever, but I still felt overwhelmed and anxious and unsure what to do with all this time.

I have learned that during times of hardship or trials it is best to forget about ourselves and serve. It is amazing what a little act of service can do to your soul.

Emoji Treat Tags

Luckily, I had several boxes of pinatas laying around after we were forced to postpone the Seek Retreat, so I put a few of them to good use. The idea to use pinatas comes from my amazing friend, Aleisha McDaniel who started the Porch Pinata Project.

Aleisha buys pinatas, fills them with goodies, and then leaves them on people’s porches. Isn’t that the cutest? I decided to follow in Aleisha’s footsteps and deliver some porch pinatas of my own. It was so much fun for my kids and me, and for a brief moment, we forgot about the chaos going on around us.

Emoji Porch Pinatas

I shared a picture of our pinatas on Instagram and had several people comment wanting to know more. Today I am sharing all the info and my Emoji Treat Tags that we used so you can use them to brighten someone’s day.

Emoji Piñata Treat Tag

As I mentioned before, I previously purchased these pinatas for the Seek Retreat. If you love these adorable mini emoji pinatas as much as I do and would like to purchase them, you can find them over on Oriental Trading. They come in a pack of 6 and are the perfect size.

We had the pinatas and the candy, but I wanted a little something to attach to each pinata. I sat down at my computer and whipped up these cute little emoji treat tags. And of course, we had to include a cute little poop tag.

With our gloves and masks on, we filled our pinatas and attached the tags then headed out to deliver our treats to friends and neighbors. My kiddos loved delivering our porch pinatas, and I loved being able to share the joy of service with each of them.

Emoji treat tag printable

Need a cute tag to attach to your own pinatas or bag of goodies? Click the link below to download and print my emoji treat tags.

Click Here to Download/Print the emoji tags

As we follow the Savior’s example and look for opportunities to serve I know we will be filled with Christ-like love and happiness. I shared some other creative and unique ways to serve during social distancing over on Tiny 3D Temples, here. “Through service, both the servant and the served experience the love of the Lord” (Oct. 2005, “Sweet Moments,” Bonnie D. Parkin”).

Emoji Treat Tags
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