You are a choice daughter of God with unique gifts, talents, and strengths. All too often we compare ourselves to others which leads to feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and discouragement. These negative thoughts do not serve us well.

As we strive to seek Christ we will be able to remove these thoughts and distractions and instead discover our unique talents, strengths, and abilities to become all that we were divinely designed to be.

Seek Retreat

A one-day event created for women striving to seek Christ. Enjoy classes and experiences that will help you discover ways to seek Christ.

Seek Connected

A virtual retreat that provides classes and opportunities to uplift, inspire, and connect as we discover ways to seek Christ.

Seek Blog

Uplifting articles, ideas, and printables to help seek Christ individually, in your marriage, as a family, and through service.


We focus on the importance of seeking Christ individually and share ideas to help you more fully Seek Him and discover your great potential and influence. 


We focus on the importance of having a Christ-centered marriage and share ideas how you and your spouse can seek Christ in your marriage.


We focus on the importance of creating a home where the Spirit of the Lord can abide and share ideas that you can use to help your family seek Christ.


We focus on seeking Christ through service and share ideas to strengthen your relationship with Him and others as you serve as He served.